A passionate path toward upper cervical chiropractic

The doctors at Upper Cervical Chiropractic Neurology Centers have post-doctoral education in thermographic imaging, radiology, brain-based therapy, brainstem and spinal correction, metabolic disorders, childhood developmental disorders, and clinical and functional neurology.

You'll benefit from our reliance on the latest technologies that allow our doctors to find the cause of your health issues and help you and your family improve your health without using medication or surgery.

Our staff is warm, welcoming and professional – ready to serve you! Learn more about us below!



Dr. Jon Moser

Dr. Jon Moser was a world-class wrestler. However, he suffered from asthma attacks and was taking up to 4 medications per day just so he could breathe and continue to compete in wrestling. After his retirement from the sport he enrolled in chiropractic school. He was introduced to Upper Cervical Chiropractic while working as a full spine chiropractor. With Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, his health proceeded to improve until finally he was off all his medication. Dr. Moser immediately enrolled in seminars for his certifications in Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific and converted his practice in Duncan, SC to Upper Cervical with dramatic results. He had finally found the answer!

In 2010, Dr. Moser was asked to participate in a research project. He sold his established practice in SC and moved to Rome, Italy. There he participated in a groundbreaking two-year project working alongside a Cardiologist and Cardiovascular Surgeon to research the effects of Upper Cervical Care on patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, with astounding results. This work is now published in a peer-reviewed journal.

MS research project publication - click the link button to read!

He returned to his hometown area in 2012 and joined Upper Cervical Chiropractic Neurology Center (UCCNC). In November of 2015, Dr. Moser became the owner of the practice. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Neurology Center uses the latest technologies to help patients learn the cause of their health issues and improve their health without using medication or surgery.


Dr. Christopher Cerrato

Dr. Christopher Cerrato has always had a passion for helping others. First as a social worker, working with children in foster care as a case worker, then as a teacher, teaching English. After experiencing the benefits of Chiropractic Care personally, his passion now has found its expression in the field of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.

He received his doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, considered one of the premier Chiropractic institutions in the world. He presided as President of the Student International Chiropractors Association during his time there, advocating for the Chiropractic profession in California and in Washington, D.C.

The focus of his studies was and continues to be structural correction of the Upper Cervical spine. Dr. Cerrato has done post-doctorate training in Knee Chester Upper Cervical technique and the Toggle Recoil technique. After graduation, he moved to Rome, Italy, with his wife, where he practiced for seven years. In Rome he owned two offices. One office with Dr. Jon Moser, and one on his own. Dr. Cerrato was active in the process of promoting Chiropractic care in Italy as a new form of health care.

On April 6, 2009 a deadly earthquake hit the city of Aquila in central Italy. Dr. Cerrato was one of the first responders to the area to help in any way he could. He continued to visit the city weekly for over the course of three months, offering chiropractic care to the earthquake victims and emergency personnel at no charge. Dr. Cerrato enjoyed servicing and helping people who were caught by surprise in this horrible situation. Always a smile to help raise their spirits.  In November of 2013, Dr. Cerrato opened his own practice in Connecticut where he practiced until January 2016 when he joined UCCNC.

Dr. Cerrato is thrilled to be working with Dr. Moser again, this time in Downingtown PA. He is excited to bring help to the patients at UCCNC and share his passion to help sick people become well.

Office Staff


Front Desk Coordinator

Sarah is a dedicated Christ-follower, wife, and daughter with a passion for health and wellness! She lives in Downingtown with her husband David, and two dogs, Toby and Daisy. She is a graduate of West Chester University with a degree in Professional Studies and Geography. She loves to paint wildflowers, landscapes and sunsets in her free time. She also adores spending time in the woods in prayer and practicing yoga. She is a bookworm who has a soft spot in her heart for fantasy novels and biographies.


Office Manager

I have over 20 years professional customer service from retail to banking to human resources. Here at UCCNC, I have over 6 years experience. By far, my favorite thing to do is to help the patients  - being their advocate is the best! It is an honor to work with the team we have and exciting to watch the results patients receive from their treatment. On a personal note, I love to crochet, cook, and play video games! The best thing in my personal life is my family!