Surprising Reasons Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Can Help You Sleep Better

A good night’s sleep… it’s an elusive dream for many. Even hitting the pillow early still doesn’t guarantee getting the necessary hours of Z’s for optimal health. A racing mind, a sagging mattress, the wrong pillow, various aches and pains, stress, etc. can prevent a truly restful sleep. But upper cervical chiropractic care at UCCNC can help.

Proper Cervical Spine Alignment Restores Good Sleep Conditions

Your brain stem is vulnerable to pinching, either from injury or just sleeping on the wrong pillow. We can restore correct alignment and advise you on the right pillow to help you maintain correct neck posture as you sleep. This will reduce tossing, turning and waking up with neck pain.

Natural Pain Relief Leads To Better Sleep

If your neck isn’t properly aligned, nerves are being pinched that can cause dysfunction all over the body, preventing you from sliding effortlessly into the REM sleep your body and mind so desperately need to heal and restore good health. Our chiropractic neurology team can diagnose specific cervical posture problems that cause your aches and pains and then resolve them with gentle upper cervical chiropractic adjustments to provide pain relief so you can drift off to sleep comfortably.

Cervical Spine Alignment Tied Directly to Sleep

Recent studies show that the parafacial zone in the brain stem seems to regulate gamma-hydroxbuyrate (GABA), a critical neurochemical that can induce healthy sleep. Our Chiropractic neurology practice can remove brain stem interference, naturally correcting malfunctions here, thereby enabling patients to enjoy the benefits of healthier sleep, including lower blood pressure and a better state of focused relaxation when awake.

While at home, it’s very important to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep as well:

• Get the right pillow that allows you to keep your neck in neutral position, whether you are a back or side sleeper. We can help you with this.

• Create a soothing bedtime ritual: A warm bath, dimmed lights, soft music… anything that puts you in a calm frame of mind.

• Pay attention to good nutrition. Stick to a regular meal time so that you are neither too hungry, nor too full at bedtime. Don’t drink too close to bedtime to prevent overnight trips to the bathroom that can disrupt restful slumber.

If you’re struggling to get decent sleep, please contact us at UCCNC today for assistance!