Immune System Functioning Properly?

“By releasing stress on the nervous system, Chiropractic allows the nervous system to function more effectively” – Dr Irwin Korr

Everyone wants to be healthy, especially during these changing times, and an integral part of health is a properly functioning immune system. Strengthening the immune system should be a top priority for everyone, including children. The job of the immune system is to protect the body against microorganisms that may cause disease. It consists of lymph nodes, circulating white blood cells, the appendix, adenoid gland and bone marrow.

Many of the symptoms of the common cold and flu such as fever, nasal discharge and swollen glands are really the immune system doing its job to rid the body of the invading bug. Let’s take the example of fever. The body raises its temperature in order to kill certain viruses or bacteria, how does it know what temperature to raise it and when? Well, it is intelligent! If a pill, to lower the fever is taken, guess what happens to the bugs? Right, they keep going, getting you sicker and sicker! Not good. So what is the solution?

Researchers are discovering that the immune response is closely connected to the nervous system.Nerve endings are found on immune system cells. Studies have shown that the immune system is enhanced and reinforced after having a fever. That is because the immune function is enhanced by having to fight infection, if antibiotics are taken the immune system does not have the chance to develop and be strengthened.

The first priority in strengthening the immune system should be to enhance function of the nervous system however this has been basically ignored. It is the nervous system which controls and monitors every function of the body. It sends and receives messages from all parts of the body. If those messages are not transmitted the immune system cannot function the way it was meant to.

The nervous system is protected by 24 movable bones called vertebrae, when these vertebrae become misaligned they can cause a disturbance to the transmission of impulses to and from the brain to the various organs and most importantly, immune cells. If vertebrae are out of position they interfere with the nervous system and as a consequence the immune system.

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